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E5000 - M10 Motor

E5000 - M10 Motor

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E5000 - M10 Motor

As the latest product coming out of the DJI Propulsion Laboratory, the E5000 is engineered to provide more power to multirotor systems for a range of applications. M10 motors and 2880 propellers combine with weather-proofing to create an integrated solution that provides efficiency and reliability that is essential for industrial propulsion systems.

Unmatched Motors
The M10 motors are built on DJI’s unique single strand winding technology, delivering unmatched consistency and stability. Strict dynamic balance control reduces vibration caused by the rotation of the motors to create smooth and reliable flight.

Weather-proof performance
The bearings inside the M10 motors are fully sealed and a special surface coating is applied to the stator, preventing corrosion caused by rain, pesticides and salt spray. This ensures the system works perfectly even in rough weather and dusty environment.

Integrated cooling
Designed with an integrated cooling system featuring a centrifugal pump, an air tunnel design and a central heat sink, the M10 motor maintains its top-level performance even during extended operations. In testing, a 60 minute load test with a 5.0kg/axis payload caused an average coil temperature increase of only 20℃. This ultra-efficient cooling system enables the M10 motor to function well in surrounding temperatures of up to 50℃.

Stator Size: 100x10 mm
KV: 120rpm/V
Weight: 520g

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