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DJI Lightbridge Full HD Video Downlink

DJI Lightbridge Full HD Video Downlink

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DJI Lightbridge - 2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink


DJI Lightbridge is an all new revolutionary 2.4G Full HD digital video downlink. DJI Lightbridge offers extremely powerful equipment packed into a small and light-weight form factor.By offering 1920 x 1080p@30fps video data transmission from up to 1.7km (1.05miles) away, it's the ideal solution for the professional aerial photographer and FPV users. Set yourself free and remove the limits from low definition analog video transmitters.

1.2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink. 
2.Extreme Long Distance Transmission.
3.Multiple Input And Output Connections.
4.Built-in Remote Control Link.
5.Strong Anti-Jamming Technology.
6.Low Latency Transmission.
7.Built-in OSD(On-Screen Display)Function.
8.Must Work With DJI Multi-Rotor Flight Controllers.
9.Multi-device Operation Mode, Stable And Reliable.
10.Built-in High Capacity Battery.
11.Electromagnetic Interference Shielded Structural Design.



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Built-in Remote Control Link
-Uplink remote control transmission and downlink video work simultaneously on 2.4GHz.
-Remote control data travels to the uplink via the TX-Thru Port at the same time that video is streamed back down all without interference.
-Support for two remote controls: one for flight control (10 Channels) and the other for gimbal control (6 Channels). Control signals are received in the air and then transmitted to the flight controller through D-BUS.
-When used with a non-2.4G radio transmitter, video only transmission operation is supported. The DJI 5.8G radio transmitter is recommended.

Strong Anti-Jamming Technology
-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum(FHSS) + Direct Sequence Spread System(DSSS) technology is used for uplink transmission to enhance stability and offer anti-jamming capability.
-MIMO multi-antenna technology and OFDM modulation methods along with advanced algorithms are utilized for downlink transmission to enhance data bandwidth, improving dynamic performance and increasing stability even in harsh environments.
-Channel interference is constantly monitored during downlink transmission with automatic switching between 8 channels for the best possible signal.
-Up to 8 downlinks can be connected for parallel streaming and work independently without interference.

Low Latency Transmission
Maximum latency of up to 80ms

Built-in OSD (On-Screen Display) Function
-No additional equipment required for OSD functions when used with A2/WooKong-M/Naza-M V2 flight controllers. Flight parameters will be displayed onscreen.
-OSD functionality can be turned off via mobile software for HDMI and iOS/Android Output.

Must Work With DJI Multi-Rotor Flight Controllers
-DJI A2, WooKong-M and Naza-M V2 flight controllers
-Phantom 2, with DJI 5.8G radio transmitter.

Multi-device Operation Mode, Stable and Reliable
-A single air unit can transmit to multiple ground units sending video to multiple screens. (Only one of the ground units can send a control signal while additional ground units will only be able to receive a video signal)
-Encryption ensures only authorized devices can receive data which can be programmed via mobile device software.

Built-in High Capacity Battery
-Ground unit has a built in high capacity 4000mA battery offering up to 4.5hours of use per charge.
-Rechargeable through the supplied charger or via a 3S~6S Li-Po power battery.A full charge takes approximately 1.5 hours.
-LED battery level indicator
-Also functions as a USB charger for mobile devices prolonging the life of peripheral equipment.

Electromagnetic Interference Shielded Structural Design
-Aluminum alloy casing
-Extreme internal and external shielding for interference protection.

Video Input s:
HDMI, AV, DVSB(For DJI Gimbals)
Supported Formats(HDMI)
720p50, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080p25, 1080p30, 1080P50, 1080P60
Supported Formats(AV)
Radio Frequency
2.405-2.4835GHz, FCC/CE certified
Interface (Ground Unit)
LED indicator Power switch Charging interface
USB 2.0 HDMI Remote control input (supports two controllers)
Interface (Air Unit)
LED indicator DBUS HDMI AV Gimbal Port Frequency switching button
External Case
Aluminum alloy
Power supply
(Ground Unit)
DC power input: 11-26V Built-in lithium battery Power consumption: 6W (without external USB equipment) Power consumption: 8W (with external USB equipment)
Power supply (Air Unit)
DC power input: 11-26V Power consumption: 8W (during normal use

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